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SR Series Rotary Drilling Rig:SR180M
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SR Series Rotary Drilling Rig:SR180M
Contact Name: Chun Hui (Customer Manager)
Tel: 0086-10-60765906; 13381136726
Address: Sany Industrial Park, Cao Village, Nankou Town, Changping District, Beijing
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· High stability: equipped with new chassis designed for rotary drilling rig and adopt gravity optimization technology to double the machine stability.
· Strong drilling ability: The max. drilling depth is 24m (CFA)/56m (Kelly) and the max. pull force is 640kN which break the record and take the leading position in the international market.
· High efficiency: the originated self-crowding device (CFA) can provide 50kN self-crowding force, which improves the working efficiency when drilling in hard soil and loose pebble layers.
· New multi ratio rotary drive (CFA): adopt multi ratio rotary drive which can increase the lifting force greatly and ensures it is large enough when drilling large hole.

Main performancesUnitCFA equipmentKelly equipment
Overall heightmm28,05819,200
Operating weight(including normal Kelly bar)t5556
Max. pile diametermm1,0001,600
Max. pile depthm20(Φ1000)/24(Φ800)55
Rotary Drive
Max. output torquekN.m185185
Speed of rotationrpm7~307~30
Crowd system
Crowd forcekN50185
Line pullkN/190
Main winch
Line pull(1st layer)kN4×160160
Rope diametermm2626
Max. line speedm/min7070
Auxiliary winch
Line pull(1st layer)kN5050
Rope diametermm1414
Max. line speedm/min6060
Mast inclination
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