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SEV5133TYB Expandable Van
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SEV5133TYB Expandable Van
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Address: Jingzhou city, hubei province jingzhou area xihuan road
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The extension ratio of expandable compartment is up to 1:3.12. More than ten persons can operate, command or hold conference inside the extended compartment; two or three persons' room available when it’s folded.

Technical Parameters

  1. Extended Diamention(L*W*H): 8970*5800*3220

  2. Normal Diamention(L*W*H): 8970*2460*3220

  3. Chassis model: Beiben 2528

  4. Extend time:15 min

  5. Automation System:  Fracturing control system APS-II;

  6. Blender Network Control System ABS-II

  7. Data acquisition: SERVAVIEW FOR FRAC

  8. Fracturing design analysis FRACPRO PT

  9. Portable Data acquisition: SERVAVIEW FOR FRAC

  10. Communication system: Motorola explosion proof walkie-talkie, vehicle station

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